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Schappe Law: Solving Your Legal Problems

Schappe Law is a one-stop shop for your Missouri legal needs, including divorce, child custody, child support, worker’s compensation, personal injury, criminal law, and business litigation and professional licensure cases.

At Schappe Law, our goal is to solve your legal problems. Whether the best solution to your problem is a full trial or an out of court settlement, we offer guidance that takes a legal weight off of your shoulders.

Michael and Christopher Schappe are experienced Missouri attorneys who can take your case to state or federal court in Missouri, or who can help you achieve a fair settlement out of court.

If we feel your problem can’t be solved legally, we’ll advise you not to pursue legal action. We’re here to solve problems. That’s just what we do. Our offices are in St. Charles and Jefferson City, but we serve clients throughout all of Mid-Missouri in a variety of cases.

No matter how simple or how complex, Schappe Law is here to solve your legal problems in Jefferson City, Lake of the Ozarks, Columbia, and all of mid-Missouri.

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